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About Us

About Us

Tera and Lori love to craft! When this mother and daughter team put their heads together nothing is impossible. Tera was already a busy stay-at-home mother of two young children aged 4 and 2. Lori worked full time as a psychologist as well as running another home based business. She also has the challenge of continuing to raise her 16 year old son.

Despite these challenges they decided to launch this business as a way to satisify their need and love of crafting as well as being a way to earn a little extra money. Tera is the seamstress extraorinaire while Lori helps with more menial tasks. Lori also handles most of the communications and marketing.

Tera was blessed to marry the most talented computer guy on the planet, and he is responsible for the development of this marvelous website. The children have provided us with ready and mostly willing models. This is truly a family run business.

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